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  1. Sant Isher Singh Bachans, I think it was on youtube or gurbaniupdesh. 12-2am is the most beneficial 2-4am is slightly less 4-6am slightly less again
  2. Amrit Vela doesn't imply that you shouldn't do simran 24/7 or that there is anything wrong with doing it at a different time or that you need to wait for that time. It starts at around midnight until 6am, being most beneficial from midnight to 2am.
  3. You mentioned this dripping years ago and said you thought it was a pipe but then also heard it somewhere else? Are your insects continuous?
  4. This thread is 5 years old. Posts can be as long as you want as long the content is good. RE fits, shaking, squirming, rolling around while doing simran. This is caused by negative energy/karam/presences being pushed away by Gurbani. Once they're gone the experience develops into anand. The Gurus and Bhramgianis probably never went through this process because it is caused by the presence of negative energy or bad karma which is something a Pavitar Pursh would not have in the first place.
  5. Having everyone home and pushing your buttons is a great opportunity to put things into practice.
  6. At most it can be aerosolised, it's not the same as airborne. The difference is you need to be in close contact with someone, or touch something that has been infected whereas an 'airborne' virus would literally float around in the air. The finest Aerosols can stay in the air up to 3 hours, so far the main public risk for aerosol exposure is public toilets (you can create an aerosol when you poop), whereas health workers have more risks. The infected droplets when you sneeze spread about 1m, less when you speak. Given that up to 50% of the infected are asymptomatic it would make sense for everyone to wear masks at this stage and assume that everyone is a carrier. On another note, western media and gov sources are way behind the curve the response has been shambolic not to mention the problem with clickbait articles and politicisation of everything. Look at SE Asian sources for more balanced and honest news.
  7. It's not airborne. When you speak you spit, it's unavoidable. If you're sick the droplets will spread th einfection.
  8. in human form or a vision? in terms of difficulty past karam is a factor. What may seem easy for one person would be due to past kamai.
  9. The UK is beyond a joke. The response in most African countries has been decent, let alone Asia, putting the west to shame. All these epidemics come from animal exploitation. The vast majority of new diseases are zoonotic.
  10. Interesting excerpts for us tl;dr types ;v https://pathwork.org/lectures/the-higher-self-the-lower-self-and-the-mask/
  11. @HisServant could you tell us more about the technique of just observing yourself?
  12. If you've got the same answer 7 times then just give maharaj time. You also need to work on yourself, I think I also heard from Sant Mohinder Singh Jarg that you can't put water in a kucha pot. Even if the dat is ready the bhanda (you) needs to be strong enough to receive it. Getting the same answer 7 times - I see this as being told that you have been given what you want but you need to prepare yourself to receive it.
  13. These lectures recived via a medium in the 60s are amazing. Although written from a (very non-mainstream) christian perspective they contain a lot of knowledge about parlok. https://pathwork.org/lecture-categories/pathwork-lectures-1996-ed/
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