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  1. Feel free to share and register with the forum. Everyone's path is different, some of us have to work to get it, while some have it revealed to them due to their naturally elevated consciousness carried over from work they put in in a past life.
  2. My point is that Sikhi has no element of proselytism. It may be robust to external attack but we have no missionary element to convince others to convert or to impose ourselves on others. People who choose to join the path do so out of their personal attraction to it rather than fear or pressure to conform.
  3. The two religions which have spread have done so due to their intolerance and bigotry. The reason Eastern philosophies and most indigenous/animist religions did not spread is because of their tolerance towards other people. Now that people are generally better informed we're seeing a rejection of enforced religion (albeit throwing out the baby with the bath water in some ways) and now that Christian countries/societies do not enforce punishments of blasphemy or apostasy we're seeing a rise in Western Buddhists, Wiccans, shamans, animists and even Sikhs.
  4. Read the pinned threads here http://www.sikhawareness.com/forum/44-meditation-simran-bhakti-jap/
  5. The ridiculous delusion that life is always better in the west
  6. What do you think of Bhai Simranjeet Singhs pronunciation of gurmantar as ' Wah - Guroo'
  7. Worth buying if you already have the first book?
  8. Black tea. OP said tea which helps with meditation. Normal tea has no effect on me but if you're not used to caffeine I can see how it can be a hindrance. I cant drink coffee even though I like the taste, the buzz is very irritating.
  9. There are so many different kinds of tea in Asia, not just the one which the british spread worldwide. So to OP the real question is which tea. Passion flower tea is a mild MAOI and I can see how that would help with meditation.
  10. Still doesnt say anything about following punjab local time. Ástral travel and the power of asthaans is one thing, telling people to do nitnem at midday because it's morning in Punjab is another.
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