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  1. Black tea. OP said tea which helps with meditation. Normal tea has no effect on me but if you're not used to caffeine I can see how it can be a hindrance. I cant drink coffee even though I like the taste, the buzz is very irritating.
  2. There are so many different kinds of tea in Asia, not just the one which the british spread worldwide. So to OP the real question is which tea. Passion flower tea is a mild MAOI and I can see how that would help with meditation.
  3. Still doesnt say anything about following punjab local time. √Āstral travel and the power of asthaans is one thing, telling people to do nitnem at midday because it's morning in Punjab is another.
  4. The content on other forums is 99% junk. It's easy to have a lot of content when it's mostly nonsense. Punjabis tend to conflate their colonial/post colonial punjabi culture with Sikhi and spend most of their time obsessing over govt conspiracy theories, reinforcing Victorian era puritanical ideas which have nothing to do with Sikhi or Punjab for that matter, and telling 'outsiders' that they are not welcome.
  5. There is an element of sikhs who are trying to push an abrahamic agenda where mysticism is frowned upon
  6. Passion Flower is a weak monoamine oxidase inhibitor, something like harmala extract would have a stronger effect.
  7. If you could be bothered to actually read the post you'd see that it's about different ways and/or levels of practising naam simran, not about different naams.
  8. I heard it in person, will see if I can find it in a recording.
  9. imo it is disrespectful to play gurbani without the mureed there to listen.
  10. Make sure you turn the audio off when nobody i s there to listen.
  11. Since I came across the jathedar's videos I can't stop listening.
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