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Who are we?

We are a collective of Converts from Sikh Backgrounds and other muslims, who wish to do something about the negative portrayal of islam from the Sikh community.

Why this website?

We have set up this website for a number of purposes. The first, and most important, is to present Islam to Sikhs and followers of the Sikh religion, who are curious about islam for whatever reason.

We also have prepared this in order to present a counter-argument to the negative portrayals of Islam on Sikh websites, including searchsikhism.com and others.

Finally, we have prepared this site to provide muslims with Dawah materials to present to Sikh colleagues and to prepare Dawah carriers with the necessary tools should Sikhs have any questions about the Muslim Belief.

Are you connected to a group?

We are connected to no government, group, movement or think-tank. We are simply Muslims working for the deen of Allah(swt) of our own accord, and co-operating on good deeds.

Newly Added For August 2007

Response To SearchSikhism (in Refutations )

Response to SikhAwareness Forum Members ( in Refutations

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this aint new. its old. the 10 questions are jus really stupid. but then again i blame the lazy sikhs who should be doing more to raise awareness of sikhi in the sikh and non-sikh community. tis would at least help people b4 they asked stupid questions.

a colleague of mine told me he was going to become a muslim. i sed to him that i hav a book for you to read on sikhi, plz read b4 you become a muslim. after he read it he said he was really impressed with sikhi, and said to me that "you guys are commiting a sin by keeping this (sikhi) to yourselves. why dont youever talk about it..."

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I think the problem is we have reduced sikhi to a tribalisitic religion, whilst we could use sikhi to spread dharma, where things like converting to SOMEthing for benefit of spirituality would become unimportant.

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The problem I think isn't even tribalistic nature of Punjabis. The problem is that Sikhs are not a missionary type groups which actively seeks converts.

Although I wish we had some of the qualities that these Christians have when doing Parchar, but we as a community really suck when it comes to doing Parchar. We can't even keep our own house in order, most of our boys cut hair partly because of western influance, our girls only want clean shaven men as husbands which just further makes boys wanting to cut their hair if they want to get married to a "Sikh" girl. We are in a very sad situation.

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The problemn is that parchaar is done only in Punjabi - this is the reason that only 3HO really enjoys global 'growth' from non-Sikh nations, because they make the effort to do parchaar in other countries - be it laced with hippie/yogis ideas and undercurents.

We need Udasin style parchaar to be adapted to the present time - doing parchaar everywhere, to everyone. There is not need for tactical missionery strategy - parchaar should be done, those who like it, can listen more, ask questions etc...

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No need for preachers. Who Guru Sahib wants as his shagird, Guru Sahib calls to him. Those people who have left, that's maharaj da hukam, I very much doubt they were actual sikhs in the first place anyway.

Let us take Guru Nanak Dev Ji as an example:

-did he remain silent in his life - keeping his knowledge to himself?

-or did he travel 1000s of miles dispensing his wisdom to people of all different religions, different cultures and different countries? (bit like some christian missionaries do)

we all know the answer: Guru Sahib did not sit at home waiting for for his shagird to mystically appear at his house. In fact, he travelled 1000s of miles by foot to give people the opportunity to gain wisdom from him!

Should we today keep secret these same beautiful teachings ?

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Guru Sahib may have travelled but he tried to convert no one, they led by example.

Proseytism (real word?) is not compatible with Sikhism. If you want to 'spread' Sikhism the only way to do this is by living the life properly. With all this political petty bullshit that seems to be innate in Punjabis it is not surprising at all that no one wants to be involved.

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There is a difference between 'trying to convert' and doing parchaar. A parchaarak should obviously live in accordance with what he teaches, otherwise he will be identified as a fraud sooner or later.

Parchaar is educating people, people who choose to listen. Without parchaar there would be no Panth. Our Gurus did parchaar as did the Manjis, Masands, Mahants, Udasis and Nirmalai. They did not however tell people that they were headed for hell if they didn't adopt the Sikh Marg. People chose to adopt the Sikh Marg voluntarily because they were so impressed with the education they had received, it had won them over.

Today we have people at Sikh camps who do 'try and convert', because their own knowledge and education is so weak, they try and force Sikhi on others, rather than showing the beauty of this path and leaving the rest to the listeners karam and Gurus prasad.

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Which Book was that.

And would someone mind answering those 10 questions, to the best of your gian.

it was "a brief intro to sikhism" by the sikh missionary society southall.

Bijla Singh answered these questions very comopetently and the answers are/were on this forum. mods may help on this.

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There is a difference between 'trying to convert' and doing parchaar.


From a purely practical point of view, if Sikhs were doing good parchaar and not so worried that they were commiting some kind of sin by sharing the teachings of Sikhi, there would be a lot more Sikhs - and more Sikhs equals more political clout.

If there were more of us, we would not have some of the problems that we have today, e.g., Badal would not have to compromise Sikh interests to get votes from followers of Deray Babay, we would have gotten justice for '84 by now, we may even have had an independent Sikh state.

In short, we would have much more influence to effect change for the betterment of the Panth. Isn't that worth the effort involved in spreading knowledge of Sikhi?


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Bina rahet ne Sikh kahavai, Rahet bina dar chota kavai

Without the Sikh discipline (rahet) call not yourself a Sikh, without Sikh rehat, at the court of God you shall be punnished.

rahet pyari mujh ko, Sikh pyara nahe

The Sikh discipline is more valuable to me than a so called Sikh who has no rehat.

Guru Gobind Singh Jee

Where is this from??

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