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Bhai Sahib,

Niddar's 'shastarvidya' is a commodity around which fantastical claims have been made. Like the proverbial snake oil salesman he has convinced some buyers that what he teaches is some kind of 'lost' Sikh martial art which apparently the British could not destroy. It makes for a good story but like all products around much tall claims are made most of it is nonsense. The way he give interviews to foreign media outlets sprouting the same old fantasy stories reminds of that Gurdas Mann song!

Harriyan Peeliyan Wangan Charalo

Nak Binalo Kann Binalo

Hoka Sun Vanjare da

Main Bhajji Bhajji Ayie

Main Doarri Doarri Ayie

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Thing with Niddar is that his size makes him look like he can fight. Plus he fits nicely into the whole image of the Sikh warrior for westerners.

I SERIOUSLY disagree with what I have been told is his interpretation of Sikhi but the guy looks like someone you would imagine on a battlefield a few centuries ago. It's a shame he has these sanatanist views.

That, I believe is his media appeal. A Sikh warrior gorilla.

Kelay anyone?

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Lol.. reminds of that Pakistani film.. international gorillay.. when a crack team of paki commandos attack Salman Rushdie and his Israel protectors and the Quran performs it's only miracle to date (apart from it's linguistic beauty thingy) by killing Rushdie with some well aimed lightning bolts!


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A Sikh warrior gorilla.

Damn. As soon as i read that an image of a gorilla on a motorbike, with a RPG, chasing an indian army jeep came into my mind.

As for Niddar Singh, i think we should all go to his lessons at least once to see what its all about and see what he has to say, rather than just gossiping on the net. who has the dates of his lessons?

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Tony, have you been to any of Nidar Singhs classes, as a practitioner of various MAs myself, I would be interested to hear your 'expert' feedback on the various pentras he uses and their effectiveness in comparison to other non-sport arts (if you know any). Also kindly let us know where you think he has ‘ripped’ his styles from.

Or does your feedback/theory replicate the efforts you made to ridicule his book, which you managed to do without even buying or reading a copy.

Nobody here advocates or replicates Nidar Singhs views, although some may agree with elements of them which are based on Nihang traditions or ithihaas, contrary to what you or your fan base here may think.

People go there to learn a real battlefield art, and many people who go their also practice other arts i.e. Wing Chun, JKD, Eskrima, Karate forms, Wrestling, Muay Thai to name but a few.

What other institution in the UK or western world for that matter teaches Sikhs about their Ithihaas/warrior psychology/real fighting art based on real sources such as Panth Prakash, Suraj Prakash, Dasam Bani...

Everyone is entitled to their own views, I don’t agree with your harbouring doubt that Sri Dasam Granth Sahib is ALL Dasmesh Pitas Bani, but I don’t have a field day on you every time your name appears, the doubters of Dasam Bani are huge and real threat as compared to personal views (many of which are traditional) of Nidar Singh.

What do you practice and what are your assumptions based on – your own bias?

You need to drop your blemishing attitude. Not all Muslims are bad, not all Sikhs are great, not all research done by western academics is wrong/weak, not all traditions/sampryada are made up.

If you have a comment to make about the Vidya, then do so intelligently, like a grown up, rather than a bemused little kid who didn’t get his lollipop.

I am not defending Nidar Singhs vidya, I am interested in the truth, always, even if it means me having to do a u-turn on previously strongly held notions (I have done so in the past too) – but I really believe that this childish campaign against Nidar Singh by people who don’t know jack about real fighting arts is doing nothing but creating a generation of new nindaks.

Now have you something constructive to add, be it criticism?

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On a serious note, even if there is a tiny chance that Niddar Singh's vidya is authentic, Sikhs should make an effort to learn it.

As for Niddar Singh himself, well, he will not live forever, and the more rehatvaan Sikhs who master this art now , the more likely shastar vidiya will be propogated in the future by Sikhs without his peculiar views attached.

Maha Singh:

I thought it was Shiv Akhara. Why does Niddar Singh keep changing the name of his school?



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Whan I said "a Sikh warrior gorilla" , it wasn't an insult btw guys. It was more of a term of endearment. Whatever his views, I'm at least glad that he is trying to get youth away from a sedentary lifestyle and doing some physical activity.

People can argue with his viewpoint. The truth shall always emerge sooner or later.

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Kalyug, The term Shiv Akhara refers to the belief that the development of the Vidiya can be traced to ancient Shamans, Pashupatis, Kapilkas all attributed their fighting arts to the influence of Shiva. As time went by this vidiya was picked up by the Sikhs, which then became formalised within the Guru Hargobind Runjeet Akhara, and then into the Baba Darbara Singh Akhara, one of many akharas of the time. This will be elaborated in Niddar Singhs series of 10 books based on Shastarvidiya coming out later this year.

The reason for the "Shiv Akhara" name to be brought out is to stop certain individuals associating their name with the Akhara and the Vidyia. Due to their aversion to anything "Hindu" that should stop that.

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If you look at all that I have written by SV I have never once stated an opinion on the utility or otherwise of this martial art. What I have always doubted is the made up fake history namely that Guru Nanak was a practioner of this art which is something that can be easily disproved in that none of the Janamsakhis mention this. Then there is the whole 'lord of the rings' fairy tales fake history such as the 'established 1661' which looks like Niddar just picked that date out of thin air. The of what passes as 'history' in Niddar's circles in based around so and so baba said etc etc.

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In my copy of Niddar's (then the 'Chatka Gatka Ustad, Jathedar Buddha Dal UK') first ever publication (by the then Institute of Sikh Martial Arts) he states that the art was revealed by Guru Nanak Sahib Ji to Baba Buddha Ji who then taught it to Guru Hargobind Sahib......? (never mind that Gurbani tells us they were one and the same, but that's another matter).

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That's the beauty of SV fantasy stories, Niddar can add or deduct to them without fear of being found out because the fantasy stories are his own creation!

Sad thing is people actually beleive that Niddar's martial arts puraatan. He comes up with a BS story about his martial arts completely inventing history before our very eyes.

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