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How To Speed Up Recitation Of Japji Sahib

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A friend and I endeavour to do 108 Japji Sahib in one day... we will take the one whole 24 hour period to try and achieve it. Kind of a Japji Sahib marathon of sorts. Obviously this is a one time thing because of well.... timing.

Right now, the absolute fastest I can do it, it 17 minutes and that's speaking / reading at a VERY fast pace. The average is about 20 minutes (even on all the youtube videos of it). Even taking 17 minutes if it were possible to do consistently:

17 min x 108 = 1836 minutes to complete = 30.6 hours :( obviously WAY over 24 hours! And that's not doing anything else... not even accounting for restroom break!

In order to get under 24 hours you'd need to speed it up to a total of 13 min per japji sahib. And I have to wonder, if anyone can actually recite that fast how do they do it? Does it lose any meaning then because you are reciting so fast that the words mash together and are a blur?? Any tips for speeding up how fast you can recite?

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There is no point in reciting fast just for the sake of doing certain number of paths in shortest span of time. But some people try to do that to prove that someone is wrong who used to do certain paths in very short span of time.

The real punch here is: One can even do one Japji Sahib path in 1 second. If you want to try it, here is the technique. and Best of Luck. I guess by the time anyone attains (not learn) that technique, that person would loose the interest to do path in shortest span of time. He will just enjoy.

Raise your consciousness. e.g Light is treated as the fastest; but in reality Thought/Mind is the fastest. Now, remember that even Thoughts/Mind is travelling within some space. Bottom line is: Mind/Thought cannot travel faster than the Soul because Soul is everywhere. In other words, the distance travelled vs the time taken can only be measured IFF we've 2 seperate points of interest, but as Soul is everywhere then there is NO time NO distance. Soul is the medium in which Time and Space operates.

Therefore, the factor one reaches higher in the state (Physical, Astral, and Casual), one experience different time as compared to one on earth. But if one wants to travel beyond the time, then one needs to go beyond the Mind, beyond the Casual realm, i.e to the Source of Time itself. Once anyone reaches the Soul state, then there is no time whatsoever. and consequently one can do any number of paths in 1 second or 0 second. Time is just a factor of Mind.

That's where the concept of Parallel universes, Time Slip comes from.

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Hmmm no tips?

We want to do this as a dedication to Baba Deep Singh Ji... I am thinking it will be very difficult to even complete 108 Japji Sahibs even once... in under 24 hours, let alone every day. But we seriously want to try one day.

I have done the full day of simran before... it was an organized event.

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once you start, you will notice that your speed will gradually increases. because initially you will do Paath with full effort followed by automation in the process hence more speed. i suggest to do a trial for about 30-40 minutes before you actually embark on this wonderful and blessed journey. eventual and actual swaas swaas Paath takes about 2-4 minutes.

bhul bhul maaf ji,

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I do not want to discourage you or anybody, do what you want, but just ask yourself : to speed up, but for what?

You see, you say you want to this in dedication to Baba Deep Singh. It is fine.

But have we not got anything to do with Wahiguru?

Have we not, any duty towards our True Father Wahiguru?

You see, all Gurmukhs, Sant Janas, dedicate their wholes lives to make us understand throughly, that Wahiguru is the only permanent Truth.

And they come by the Hukum of Akal Purukh, to just make us understand, that if ever we have to do any devotion, it should be of Wahiguru alone.

If we ever want to please someone, it has to be Wahiguru.

If we ever have to love someone, it has to be Wahiguru.

It is His Jot, which is present in all. All owe their existence and presence to Him, Wahiguru.

Even Dasam Pitama, said: I am a servant of Wahiguru, and I have to come to see His Creation´s play.

So in my most humble suggestion, if ever you or anybody wants to do any paath, do it of the most sweetest aksahar: Wahiguru, Wahiguru, Wahiguru...

If you ever want to see the results, try the 108 times of any Paath as many times you want, and on the other side , do even 1 hour of Simran Jaap of Wahiguru, and see by yourself, the huge difference ....

After all, any devotion we do, isn´t it, to please in Wahiguru?

And that also, to earn His Glance of Grace and Mercy, in ordeer to become spotless, and one day merge in Him.

You see, any Paath, is singing His infinite Glory; but repeating His Name, through His Simran, is calling on Him directly, and it this our calling on Him, which makes us nearer and nearer to Him.

For example, a child talks about the virtues of his/her mother... the mother somehow listens to its child; but as long as the child does not say mummy, mummy, mummy...the mother does not come...

With our heavenly Father Wahiguru, something similarly happens ... As long as we cling on and keep ourselves busy with other terms of devotion, He stays where He is.

But the moment we call Him saying Wahiguru, Wahiguru, Wahiguru... He leaves His abode, and with each of our steps towards Him, He takes hundred steps towards us.

The thing is, if we ever have to do any devotion, why not His? The highest.

We should not do what the world does, let them do what they want ...

Rather we should only, and only follow what the Bani says:

Jin Har jappeya, se Har hoeeya.

We may read the Banis as much as possible, because we get more and more in love with Him, because our whole being gets in a state of bliss, as we hear of His unlimted mahima, His unbound grace ... we just get sweepd away, by just hearing a fraction of His wonderfull and countless virtues, as it surpasses any mental realm ..... It is like getting in trance, with just listening as said, His beant Mahima.

But with His Simran we get imbued with these His virtues mentioned above. His Simran, is simple, you can do it as much as you want, without any restrictions or limitations, you can do it while going to work, at home , while bathing, while eating, etc ...etc ... It is the most complete and simple jugtee at the same time, and the more one does His Simran, the more spiritual wealth we gather, for the day we shall have to leve this physical frame and plane.

You see pen jee, the Bani beautfully says:

Har Simran meh Prabh aap Nirankara.

This means, the Supreme Lord Wahiguru, is hidden in His Simran. So if we do it within us, He makes Himself Pargat within us, thus and only thus we become Him.

Sister, there is nothing in comparison to His Simran, in terms of devotion, to Him.

Please forgive me, if I have said anything which is not in accordance to your way of perceiving things, as for me, I have only taken you as a sister, and I have said only what I have understood a little from the pure paviter Bani of our Guru Sahibans. As the Bani is much much more than our petty minds.

Sat Sree Akal.

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When a beginner wants to run a marathon he has to train for many months before he can reach that level of stamina and endurance.

Start off with 5, 10 or 25 Japji Sahibs and see how you feel.

If you want to complete 108 paths in a row, do it in turn with your friends. You can do it for 2-3 hours or more depending on your stamina, and let the other person take their turn and so on. And do it continuously for 30 hours or however long it takes. I think it can be easily done in a group who are focused towards this goal. This is a good thought, go for it and make it happen.

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I have actually done the all day simran before. Though it was not always the same person actually doing it on harmonium / guitar etc but it was continual for whole day (some places do 40 days of simran too I have heard) but this was just one day like 10 hours or so.

We didn't plan to do this straight away but to try 2 hours then 4 then 6 etc and work our way up to the 108 that he did in one day. But the problem is my ability to pronounce since I am not Punjabi background and I have to do it slower. Even if we did take turns 2 hrs on and 2 off, it would be me who slows it down :(

Harsharan I understand what u are saying... We want to do it not to revere baba deep Singh Ji on level as God but because he did it to revere God and we want to attempt to even reach that level for once just one day ...while he did it every day.

It's just not possible for us to do every day but if we can do it just once to reach that level of devotion....

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Dont worry about slowing it down, slow is better, obviously you wont be able to do in 30 hours, it might take longer than that.

you should be focused on getting the 108 number, however long it takes.

By the way, it is also mentioned that Baba Deep Singh Ji used to do 52 Sukhmani Sahib Paths.

Sant Jarnail Singh Ji used to do 100 or 125 Japji Sahibs everyday. People mention different numbers.

Baba Nand Singh Jis Nitnem was to do One Sri Guru Granth Sahib Path in 2.5 hours through mala everyday. I read in a book.

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In my view,What I think as considering myself a person of very lowest awastha,is that number doesnt matter.Just talking about Jap Ji sahib Ji.You know what is the depth and meaning in Japji sahib???

Doing more and more paaths in lowest time,is not that worthy for an ordinary man.Gurmukhs could and they did so,coz they had understood the real meaning of japji sahib.They had divine glimpse of each word of Japji sahib in their inner -selves.They have achieved the true meaning,true essence.Talking personally,I used to do this in my childhood to do nitnem in 1 hour.It was due to lack of time ,to go to school.But what we have understood in fast recitation of gurbani??

Have we understood or felt the true meaning,true message yet.You know Jap ji sahib gurbani is just of 39 pauris ,and you can do it in as lowest time as you want to.but The depth,vastness,the reality,incredibility of these 39,pauris is just measureless.If we do a single pauri again gain again in a single day ,then we can't understand the meaning.

Why gurmukhs could do or do so??,cause they had achieved the truth

They had done paath in their souls.Means they did true darshan of paathh in higher realms.They had seen each word and each line of jap ji sahib in their souls.They know the divine saroop of jap ji sahib.That's why time limit doesnt matter for them.Like it's said,one who reaches sachkhand,then he can go there anytime and can come back any time.Now the realms at intervals do not matter for them .It's like making of bridge over lower realms to do straight journey any time.same in this case. They have achieved the true essence.Now they dont need to discuss the meanings again and again in their minds.It's some thing unspoken.but we ordinary men can do so,but not in that sense.To get the true meaning and to do the pathh by soul is the true purpose.Like

Take e.g. of tuk

Na oh maareh naa thaage jaye

Jin kai raam vasey mann maye

These are the simple lines. But the vastness cant be described.

Okay I've read the line in just 3 seconds.But that doesnt matter.If I want to UNDERSTAND, FEEL, EXPERIENCE, in just that 3 seconds then,its not worthy.

When I'll achieve it,Then experiencing the meaning, a WAH will come out ,not just a wah that will be word of unspoken pleasure of soul.

SO ,if we do a single pauri in whole day,in order to read the experience, the depth and start talking to divine while doing so,then its much worthy than reciting so many times the whole pathh without no real experiences.

Gurmukhs did so,cause they had made a bridge.But we have not yet.so,what I'm doing these days(may be wrong),I get katha of bhai Maskeen ji of japji sahib in my lapi.katha of each pauri is app 40 min. So doing a each pauri each day,then talking to divine again again over these particular words is just a poor attempt but still not that worthy ..

So In my suggestion,just close your eyes and start doing Jap ji sahib with waheguru Ji.Start reciting each word ,each letter with an aim of getting its true meaning ,talk to guru ji.Like your doing a conversation between ur soul and almighty. Forget about time limits.Forget about everything else! Forget about urself.Just your soul and waheguru ji in terms of words.Words of jap ji sahib.Then see whether you do 108 paaths in one day or just a One Paath in 108 days.

If you have achieved the truth ,then go for you attempt.

But the anand ,pleasure and real experience we get in discussing the paathh with supreme is much much fruitful than doing infinite prayers.

Sanak Sanat ant nhi paya

Bed parraeh parr brahmey janam gwaya

(Sanak and Sanat ,sons of brahma coulnt find the lords limits

Brahma wasted his life away continually reading the vedas)

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But If your inner soul has asked you to do so,then go for it.We never know what Guru sahib has planned for us.He himself will help you to achieve the goal.You'll definitely do it!!

Good luck!!

Guru Sahib meharan karan!!

Gur fateh!!

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Canada Day weekend is July 1st weekend (its a long weekend with a holiday).  We will attempt that weekend, doing 2 hours on and 2 hours off each.  This will be attempt #1 to see if its possible to even get 108 in one calendar day / 24 hours.  I can't imagine doing it every day, unless you were doing it while doing other things as well or else you'd never be able to do anything.  But we will try to get 108 and see how long it takes with us taking turns. Then if we are not too tired taking breaks in between each other, we can try next time reciting together simultaneously for the full 108. 


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Good Luck SatKirin_kaur on this en-devour of yours :)

A very highly spiritual soul i once met told me the best way to celebrate the lives of the Guru Ji's bhagats, brahmgianis, sikhs etc is to do what Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji says...

There is a shabad that says mere reading is of no use without contemplation...i will try and find it for you. I think if you spent the 24 hours contemplating japji sahib Baba Deep Singh Ji will be overjoyed :)


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We tried it.... and failed. At least for me, having to read it because I cant recite from memory, it means going slower.  And while I do not speak Punjabi, I am unable to memorize it since memorization would require literally memorizing the actual sounds and not the words.  For example, I could memorize a song in English very easily.  But in Russian I could not, because its the sounds I am memorizing and not the words, which you can remember much easier when you have the full sentences and meanings. 

Anyway, we took turns. 2 hours off / on, and at the 24 hour mark we were at approximately 75.  We didn't go further... by that time my eyes were buggy and I had a headache due to eye strain from reading.

:(  If it were possible to get 108 in a 24 hour period, I'd say that it would have had to be constant. He would have had to be doing all the normal things of life, and doing that in the back of his mind at the same time.  I don't see how it would have been possible to only recite and get 108 each day and still be able to live and do all the normal things like eating, washroom etc. and not to mention adequate rest / sleep.  And the speed would have had to have been significantly faster than we did. And we were averaging 3 per hour.   

Experiment was abysmal failure.   


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I wouldn't call it a failure. All that time you were reading bani, your mind was withdrawn from worldly thoughts. I wouldn't call it a failure but a success in other ways even if you did not reach your target of 108.

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:(  If it were possible to get 108 in a 24 hour period, I'd say that it would have had to be constant. He would have had to be doing all the normal things of life, and doing that in the back of his mind at the same time.  I don't see how it would have been possible to only recite and get 108 each day and still be able to live and do all the normal things like eating, washroom etc. and not to mention adequate rest / sleep.  And the speed would have had to have been significantly faster than we did. And we were averaging 3 per hour..


​Who is he , that you are referring to ? Baba Deep Singh Ji ?

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Satkirin, that is a commendable effort. Not even a second goes to waste.

But with all due respect, you cannot compare yourself to the speed of Baba Deep Singh Ji !!  All we know is that he did so and so number of paths, but no one knows how he did it.

So you should be happy with 75, you can only force yourself so much.

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It just happens, you have to do it with your surti though, not out loud. It involves controlling your thoughts, so all your mind is focused on the Paath. You're 'thinking' Jap Ji Sahib rather than reciting it. When you see "Ik Oankaar", the mind completes the first paurri etc. With more practice, it will complete the whole ang, then the whole Paath. 

It takes a lot more concentration and love for Gurbani than reading out slowly, which is why it takes time to develop.


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