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Hola Mohalla trip

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I recieved this email today.

From: sikh singh <sanatansikhs@yahoo.com>


Subject: Hola Mohalla 205

Sent: 02 March 2005 18:48:30

How would you like to be invited to a small trip to Punjab for Hola Mohalla.

Have ever been curious about the lifestyle of Nihangs and would like to experience it, then consider applying.

You will be given the opportunity to have a audience with the foremost spiritual leaders of Sikhism

This event has been advertised in certain groups for several months now, but the reason why this is going public is because we have a few tickets remaining. We know this is short notice, so only people who are genuinely interested please apply.

The group is 85 people strong from all age groups.

For more information please contact the organizers

Thank You


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There has been a lot of propoganda about nihang singh being spread over the UK. The word nihang is one which promotes much heted debate amongst finatics in sikhi. for everyone who bad mouths nihangs singhs go along and experince this unique opportunity, and if what u see is not to ur liking then so be it. rather than sitting on websites, go for self and see what its all about unless u are chickens that just take other people word.

for all indiviguals it is a rare chance meet inidviguals who have managed 2 preserve the traditions and culture from the times of our great gurus.

...Raj Karega Budha Dahl!!!.....


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people who are genuinely interested

should contact the organisers i guess

they only have a handful of tickets left, now.

from my understanding, to miss this oppurtunity will be a grave mistake for people who wanna see the real deal.

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lol neo singh, i went on it in November.

you have get out and push the plane half way.....

lol its crazy - you get more leg room in a mini.

You get better manners from Uk police who arrest you(air hostessess are rough)

Your luggage goes in one colour - then comes out another colour.

Sometimes you have to wait in Uzbekwehavecrapdirtytoiletsland for 6 hours.

The animals at london zoo get more tasty food than the passengers on uzbekwearecheapandcheerfulstan.

On arrival, you look out the window,a nd jatt is passing with his tractor and trolley. You laugh to yourself, until you see whats on the trolley..... yes your beloved suitcase!

Overall, i loved it, it was like a mini adventure


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just bought my ticket...

i think they have 3 left.....

so anybody else comin...hurry!!!!

its quicker to book by contacting them by email ( sanatansikhs@yahoo.com )... the travel agents a pendu.

they are also selling tickets for air slovakia..but they are for £500.

they have 10 of them.

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lol.. you took it the wrong way my sikh brothers... its just that the jathabandis and Dals you are visiting supposly have alot of pedophillia and homosexuality so just be CAREFULL where you go. although im sure someone will inform the relevent jathabandis and Dals about your concerns. Im sure they will make the approprate aragments.....hahahahahahahaha

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