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Anticlockwise :D

Parkarma is when you do a round infront of siri guroo granth sahib ji, dasam granth or shastars as act of respect...or you even when you do lavan around guroo maharaj ji in time of anand karaj.

Main stream like to do it: Clock wise but really traditional way is- Anti-clockwise.

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Guest Sardar Moderator Singh

As indicated elsewhere, the Anti-Clockwise is usually cited by its proponents for 3 reasons:-

1. It moves against the circle of "Kaal" (Time/Death) -considered to be a clockwise movement.

2. It permits simultaneous satkar to that being circled (here the Sri Guru), for a parkarma is a means of denoting that which is encircled as the centre of one's life and being and also to the Shasters (as shaster-guru), which is typically worn on the left hand side of the body (in the Gatra or Kamarkasa).

3. It opposes the supposed "Brahmanical" clockwise parkarma. Those who support the 'anti-clockwise' movement consider its duplication within the Panth to be the work of 'Ferangees' or 'Melech'.

As per the wedding, yes it would apply there too, if one considered the above correct...from a more practical point of view, given that the guy usually sits/stands on the right of the girl, it would make the movement of the lavan more easier! :)

Please could those who support this notion provide some examples or references of its practice historically.

Many Thanks,


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from what i know...

based on a spritual level... it has to do with the way the planet moves, the way the sun moves and also a bit on teh 5 khands and the tre gun.

sorry i cant elaborate, i am quite poor in explaining it. but Guru ji more or less explains it all in jap ji sahib.

but if u need a literal breakdown in english ( the translation wont do it justice) ask shaka, narsingha, dynamic banda, or some else knowledgeable. on this forum

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i think what was meant was that Bhai Gurdas deeply respects anyone who truly understands the meaning of doing Parkarma. not just the action, but what it is supposed to symbolize.

for example, i know some people think that Parkarma symbolizes that one accepts SGGSJ as the center of their world or something like that. basically, Bhai Gurdas will respect someone who actually believes it to their very core.

am i makin sense here?

so now lemme pose my question again...

how important is it to do Parkarma?

lol... do you guys understand what i'm gettin at now...? hahahaa!

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just undo the pap, by doing it the other way round, :LOL: :lol:

anticlockwise yaar

Mega LoL @ Undo Paap :LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:

On a serious note for agupt kaur ji..dekho biba....Vahiguroo is not next some grey hair dude sittin above the sky and spreading its wrath to people...Vahiguroo is prem di murat...vahiguroo is inside us......so you phikkar not man...if you do it prem and sharda...then anand hiiiiii anand hai...if you do it as ritual then no point....

prem hiiiiii premi :D..

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  • 2 weeks later...

from what i know...

based on a spritual level... it has to do with the way the planet moves, the way the sun moves and also a bit on teh 5 khands and the tre gun.

all of the planets orbit the sun in the same direction. if u were to view the solar system 'top down' from the direction of the earth's north pole, all the planets would be orbiting in an anti-clockwise direction. from that same view, the sun would be orbiting the galaxy in an anti-clockwise direction (with an orbital period of 200-250 million earth years). ... BUT... in space there is no up or down, so it is just as valid to view the solar system from the opposite direction, in which case all the planets & the sun are orbiting clockwise.


if u are in the northern hemisphere, do parkarma anti-clockwise. in the southern hemisphere clockwise.

... & if u find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to do a clockwise parkarma in the northern hemisphere (eg at your wedding) then simply do the parkarma upside down & u will be facing the same direction as people in the southern hemisphere where the clockwise parkarma is correct... problem solved! :D

do i get a prize?

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i hope no onet takes the literal meaning of that....im sure there is a deeper meaning of doing Parkarma than the act of walking in a circle. :)

well someone sed to me once that during lavan, the point of the parkarma (which is also done clockwise) is to symbolise that you are going to follow gurujis path, hence going around and then to do matha tek to say that gurujis hukam is parvaan...

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hmm.. that's mad interesting!!

the reason i've heard about clockwise parkarmas is the supposed significance of the right side of our body... about how when we're walking around Guruji, our karay always face guruji..

i've always been told that our shastars are never supposed to face or point towards guruji, therefore another erason a clock-wise parkarma made sense for me.

can anyone give slight bits of more information regarding the three "criteria" that sardar singh posted

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