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why is dancing considered bad??


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Tejvir Kaur! how dare you call yourself a Kaur and think dancing is okay?!

are you out of your mind?!

dancing can do nothing but lead one to thoughts of lust! even if it's you're cute lil 5 year old cousin doing her rendition of i'm a little teapot! no no no! no dancing!

it's frivolous and outrageous!


[note: for those of you who are having a blonde day, i was being sarcastic.]

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The thing is that the puratan SInghs called dancing as an act of a kanzri so we are not suposed to dance.

So everyone that Dances is a Kanzri??

Kanzari Baniya Mayree Izaat Na Ghat The,

Oh Saanhu Nach kay Yaar Manaa Vuhn They

Kun(ear) Vich Mundra Tey Attay Galh(neck) Vich Mala

Oh Sanu Mathay Tay Tilak Laga Vuhn They

Aakhay Gulam Freeda, Oh The Oh Janay,

Sanu Aapni Toar Nebha Vehn They.

Yaar in the above Kafi of Freed ji is not talking about Girlfriend, it is talking about God/Guru

Further, Meera Bhai of Rajasthan Danced her entire life for Krishna, was she a Kanzri?? Enough with thinking every Dance is a Lustfull Act. Sufis have Danced, they have danced their way to God. You are telling me they are all Kanzaris?? Do NOT GENERALIZE. There are different types of Dances, NOT ALL Dances lead to Lustfull thinking. Some Dance because it is relaxing to them, some dance out of Joy, some dance alone in their room because it frees them. It is your intention of the Dance that is key. Not Dance itself. Please do not limit your thinking to a narrow view.

Why did the Santan Sikhs consider "ALL" Dance as Kanzris?? If it is not ALL, then please edit your post so it reflects that.

I pray that you become so Inticed with the Love of God that you can do nothing but Dance.

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Wouldn't the world be a much better place if we all danced all day long?

ditto but only dance in love of murshid/vahiguroo and not in hazoori of guru granth sahib ji even then all fanatics will be well jealous :LOL::LOL::LOL:

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Until recently of about 80 year ago, dancing was a bit of a tabu amongst the Jamindari/Jat class. Instead Kanjars and Marasis would be hired to dance and entertain the Jamindars and Jats. The only Jats that were known to dance and not feel ashamed of doing so were the RiaRki(Gurdaspur region) Jats. But now it seems the Jats have adopted the ways of the Kanjars and Marasis and are the first ones to jump to the dance floors and literally party all night like wild animals. hhmmm... how time erodes traditions...

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yeh but neither is telling people to stop dancing, is going to get u to Akaal, probably jus slowing u down, so my advisewould be to leave us moorakhs allown n let us dance, i believe u shud climb a mountain some were away from ne sort of lifen do bhagti.!

go for it

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