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Polygamy Acceptable, says Jathedar

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Polygamy acceptable, says Jathedar

Varinder Walia

Tribune News Service

Amritsar, March 2

The charges of polygamy put Giani Iqbal Singh, Jathedar, Patna Sahib, in a fix yesterday when the Jathedar, Akal Takht, Giani Joginder Singh Vedanti, announced that without divorce, second marriage by a Sikh is violation of the ‘Sikh rehat maryada’, approved by the SGPC and Akal Takht.

Jathedar Vedanti refused to accept the plea of the Jathedar, Patna Sahib, that polygamy was prevalent in the past and acceptable in Sikhism. Giani Iqbal Singh had pleaded that Maharaja Ranjit Singh who is called ‘Singh Sahib’ had more than one wife. He also quoted revered Sikh religious personalities having more than one wife to justify his second marriage.

Jathedar Vedanti said the matter of polygamy, in general, and case of the Jathedar, Patna Sahib, in particular, would be taken up in the next meeting of the Sikh clergy. He, however, clarified that Jathedar Iqbal Singh won’t be invited in this meeting.

Giani Iqbal Singh, however, claimed that he had married a Jammu resident with the consent of his first wife and in-laws, which was endorsed by the sangat from Patna Sahib. He claimed that his first wife had left the house without telling the family. Now she was living with her parents at Ganganagar (Rajasthan). “Had they (first wife and in-laws) any objection, they would have moved the court.â€

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i don't get the twin jokes. explain to dumb heads like me.

any hoooo punjab is messed up man they bunch of jatfied money grabbing idiots fighting over 1 metre of land. Thank God Patna Sahib and Hazoor Sahib r out side of punjab. When vaheguru Ji made this world he made it 50% for good and evil me thinks. now if those bungai were in punjab it would have been 100% evil all the way. may i be wrong???

Bad Boy Harsi (2) man with the mean looks. btw this is anothe hari sin look at the number (2) lol.

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So, I'm assuming in trying to be fair, that women can have more than one husband?

Sorry I fail to see the equality in a man having more than one wife, if women aren't allowed to do the same. The idea of polygamy doesn't sit to well with me. If in marriage two souls become one, then what about 3, 4, 5, 6 souls? idk...

I have heard before that back in the day polygamy was practiced, but I don't understand what the support for it was? Does anybody know? I've even heard that some of the Gurus had more than one wife? Did they ever address this concept? I'd be interested in knowing...

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true, as infernal monk says, would any of the people in favour of polygamy here be willing to share their wives? if not explain why please?

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Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

Tat Khalsa missionaries are more Christian then Sikh,Sixth Master,Seventh Master as well as Tenth master hade more then one wives.In Fact Sixth and Tenth Guru had three wives each.

In future jsut to show there type of Sikhism they may have answer that Why did Gurus like Sixth and Tenth did not have small family ie more then two sons.They may be asked how do they think of family planing history to be twisted as they are trying to say that Mata Jito Ji and Mata Sundri Ji are one and the same.

These types of Sikhs are gooing to perish in future.due to there snob mentality there own childern are becoming Patit(apostate) and they are unable to convert even a single non Sikh to there faith.And last nail in there coffin is that they can not multiply fast due to ploygamy.

Even if they can not convert others to Sikhism by preaching at least they can increase the number by polygamy.Krishan had more then one wife.Mohamud(PBUH) had same case,Rama Had three mothers. And Prophet Abraham also had more then one mate(he is reverd by Christians also).

So why in democracy where numbers are importent and in Indian Sikhs and Hindus are geting fewers in number there is a bloody ban on polygamy.

Wait why should polyandry(one women and more then one husban is not good).

Female produced one egg while sperms are many by one male only.Chimpaingee(chromosome 2 differ from us) or other apes or primates have large harem of female.It is natural.It is better to have more then one wife then going to brothal.

In fact two husband of one wife will make her tired and exploited while one husband with more then one wife can satisfy them all.

In Fact only one wife can stay for baby sitting while rest of the husband and wives or wife can work to sustain large family.

So if wife or wives agree there should not be any obstruction on marrying more then one wife be it Sikhism or Hinduism.

In fact this is the best answer to the problems like dowery or marrying out side Sikh Panth due to shortage of Sikh grooms.In fact that always lead to female infanticide and due to this Sikh population in India is now 1.9% unlike 2.5% in past.

Punjab with Sikh majority may soon have more Biharis not like Das(a Sikh) but like father of das(a Hindu).So if could do anything then das will tell Jathedar Ji of Patna Sahib to marry another third girl.And let there be at least 10 Sikhs children by him.So that Sikh population in Bihar also rise.And in Bihar also let there be Biharis more like Das(a Sikh) then his father(a Hindu).

hindus must aslo press for then to have more then one wife else India will be pakistan in hundred years. Akal bless.

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