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Gang Rape And Torture In Nanaksar Gurdwara (thath)


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Gang rape and Torture in Nanaksar Gurdwara (Thath) in Ludhiana.

The International Human Rights Organisation (IHRO) has found media reports to be correct and proved to the effect that one Sukhwinder Kaur (23), mother of two kids, of Kaithal (Haryana), was gang raped and tortured for three days by injecting sedatives and showing pornography inside the Gurdwara building of the local Nananksar Gurdwara (Thath), at Ferozepur Road, by a group of its preachers, led by Satnam Singh alias Satta.

For this shocking incident, the management, including the Head of the sect Baba Bhajan Singh, is responsible because of mismanagement and negligence to keep an eye on such unscrupulous elements that had brought bad name to the Sikhs in general and the Nanaksar sect in particular. And for that, Baba Bhajan Singh should appear before Akal Takht to seek atonement for the sin that had been committed inside the Gurdwara building and to ensure the Sikh Panth that such incidents would not be repeated in future.

A three-member team of the IHRO, comprising its chairperson D S Gill, secretary-general Mohinder Singh Grewal and secretary Ms Inderjeet Kaur, documented the report on the incident after visiting the spot and meeting PSEB employees, the Thath In charge Baba Jagir Singh, the victim Sukhwinder Kaur, the police officials and many others. Jagpal Singh Grewal assisted the team.

The role of the Punjab State Electricity Board (PSEB) employees, the police and the public that had recovered or helped recover the woman victim from the clutches of the "preachers" on June 1 and apprehended some of the criminals in the garb of granthis and ragis of the Sikh faith, is appreciable. The main culprits are still absconding and the police is on their trail.

The rape victim, Sukhwinder wife of Balwinder Singh, told the IHRO team that she had left home a few days ago and come to her aunt in Gobindgarh after an altercation with her husband, Balwinder Singh, who used to mistreat her. She came here in search of some job and wanted to stay one night at the said Gurdwara on May 30, 2002, where she was repeatedly raped by Satnam Singh Satta, Dalip Singh (Gardner), Tejinder Singh alias Raja, Gurvinder Singh, Tarsem Singh, Gurdip Singh, Gurmukh Singh and Parminder Singh.

She added: "Mali Dalip Singh and Satnam Singh asked me, on that evening, to stay inside the room as some women were already living. When I entered the room and asked about the women, as there was none. When I tried to leave the room Satta closed the door and the Mali tried to grab hold of me. But I repulsed the attempt. On this, Satta slapped me. They tied my hands and mouth with cloth (Patkas), injected some sedative and switched on the TV set for showing me a blue movie. Satta first rapaciously molested and raped me. Next to him was Mali Dalip Singh. Gurvinder Singh joined them. After that, I became unconscious. Next day, on May 31, Tejinder, Gurmukh, Parminder, Gurdip and Tarsem also joined them in their torturous act of raping and molestation, after tranquillizing me again."

"On June 1, when I woke up, there was no one in the room. So I got up and opened a window. Some people were sitting or walking around in that adjoining area. I waved my hands as a signal but none of them noticed me. I did not make any noise out of fear. In the meantime, Gurdip and Tarsem knocked at the door, which I had bolted from inside. I immediately closed the window and opened the door. I told them that I wanted to take a bath. So, they went away and allowed me to close the door. I again went to the window and started signalling in order to get noticed."

Lakhwinder Singh, a Junior Engineer in the PSEB showed the IHRO team a couple of windows of the Nanaksar dera that opened into the compound of their office. He said, "Assistant Lineman Mohan Lal noticed a young woman at about 9:30 AM standing in one of these windows who was signalling him to come nearer. He became suspicious and called his colleagues. So, Ajit Singh, Bhupinder Singh, Aim Lal, Joginder Lal, Gurmit Singh and he himself joined Mohan Lal."

When they went near the window she told them that she was being forcibly kept there asked for help to rescue her. They advised her to keep quite and close the window so that the accused may not be warned. Then they made a call to the police control room. After waiting for some time, they went to the Sarabha Nagar Police Station. ASI Surjit Singh and Head Constable Sucha Singh came to the spot along with them. In the meantime, the control room party had also arrived.

The policemen first talked with her through the window and then entered the dera from the main gate and recovered her from the first floor room. A coloured television, a video CD player, some blue movies, injections and syringes etc were also recovered from the room.

On the other hand, the in-charge of the Thath, Baba Jagir Singh, who is confined to bed due to leg- fracture, denied any prior knowledge of the episode but did condemn the incident, stressing that the culprits should be brought to book. "We have nothing to do with these rapists," he told the visiting IHRO team.

But Satnam Satta and Tejinder Raja did whatever they liked in the Dera. Other sewadars could not check them, out of fear. Moreover, Thath Head Baba Jagir Singh also could not do the needful due to his ineffective administration, criminal and assaulting behaviour of the duo and his intention of remaining the dera head, according some inmates of the Thath.

There is every possibility of such like events happening in the past as the gang leader Satta was expelled twice by the Baba due to his bad character activities. It is also intriguing why the late sect leader Baba Kundan Singh reinstated Satta third time. Even, devotees visiting the Thath do not ruled out such things happening there.

The IHRO calls upon all Sikh organisations, especially the Deradars, to create a mechanism to check and steer clear of such sexual abuses in religious places so that the faith of the devotees may not suffer due to such debauched elements. The Sant Samaj should come out with the truth and start a movement to stop this menace from their deras.

(D S Gill)


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This is extremely messed up, this people need to be excommunicated from nanaksar and Sri Akaal Takth Sahib and jailed- hang to death.

And this dera needs to be closed. Sri guru maharaj saroop needs to be retained from them.

Now i know why people are usually hestitant about nanaksar, it's because these people which bring shame to great saints of nanaksar and nanaksar(prema bhakti da ghar).

by the way, it does not say anywhere, which tath of nanaksar is this, like is this main head quaters- jagroan? can anyone confirm this please?

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F'ed up sh!t..

I would now like to make a request to all those concerned sikhs who gathered around the REP to stop a play which would have raised awareness of such incidents, saying its giving sikhs a bad name.. To fly over to the location of this incident and do the same there. !

Twisted stuff I would seriously like to make a plea that any other similar incidences occuring at other gurdwaras, of granthis or sevadars abusing their positions, is equivalant to the masands. If anyone is aware of such crap going on raise the awareness and get it sorted well before any asHole gets the chance to do anything.

Neo where is that story from ? what source

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old news - as far as i know theres a few thats that have been shut down by nanaksar. the one i know for sure - the ppl staying there admitted to robbing then killing 14 - thats just what the confessed to god knows what else happened. they got caught after robbing then killing a newly married couple who stayed the night there after breaking down.

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well if they can't even control there own like phoola how they gonna control other sects.

Apaulling crime, these people need to go down for life to send a message that these crimes are unnaceptable and will not be tolerated. Fat chance of that happening in India though, if these guys are rich i bet they walk.

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what do nihangs do about these present day, real life situations? . . .or do they just live in the fantasy alternative reality which they paint in the minds of so many youngsters these days? please enlighten me

what have the nihangs got to do wid anything....its not them going round raping people in Gurdwaras.

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Nihangs or any samparda cannot be blamed at this problem is the root. This singh summed it up very well from sikhsangat:


This Thath is not the one in Jagraon. This is the one in Ludhiana near milk plant(Verka) on Ferozepur road. Through some of my friends I know one of the accused. He is well built handsome sabat soorat guy. It was some 2-3 years back. The accused were put on trial and were released. I dont know if they are on bail or are free by court. That guy shifted to some other place.

Now the point here I want to make is that our system has to blame. Most of our Raagis, Granthis and Sewadaars take thier sewa as profession and not strictly in spiritual sense. Many of them are "donated" by the parents to the Gurdwaras, Taths, Deras as youg kids. Many times their will to join these places is not driven by any spiritual pukh.

I personally know guys who perform keertan in Gurdwaras and then talk about the girls they saw during Rehraas. In a big Gurdwara in Ludhiana, there is a strict order from the management to the Raagis to "behave properly" during keertan and when Sangat comes. Because the samagam is recorded. But the issue is "why should there be a need to pass on such orders".

This is because each and every mahalla in Ludhiana has a Gurdwara. And the demand of Paathis and Granthis can not be fullfilled if u look for guys who are spiritually motivated. They generally take up these babas from poor Gurshik families or families of Paathis/Granthis. And these youg kids need not to be motivated enough. They do it for their living.

When I was in Bombay, I had a bad experience with a local Granthi. He wanted to grab little maya I gave him for Gurdwara when I got my first job. He intensionally didnt give me receipt saying he was too busy. He asked me to come the next day during ardas to get it. He knew that I was not regular to the Gurdwara. The next day I was a bit late and the guy avoided me and went to his room. Then I spoke to one local sikh man doing sewa. He immidiately found that something was wrong. He asked me to go back to my hostel. The next day that old man himself came to my room and gave me the receipt. He told me that the matter was taken to the management and the Granthi was bashed. And it was not the first time they did so.

Gurdwaras in big cities are not more that Dharamshaalas with "Prakash". So that people can perform weddings there. Otherwise, why is there a need for a Gurdwara in each mohalla. Then surely you can not sustain the quality.

SGPC and our Jathedaars are only busy with politics. It is their duty to grab motivated people and produce good Raagis/Granthis Parcharaks.

Bhull Chukk maaf

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what have the nihangs got to do wid anything....its not them going round raping people in Gurdwaras.

Twisted stuff I would seriously like to make a plea that any other similar incidences occuring at other gurdwaras, of granthis or sevadars abusing their positions, is equivalant to the masands. If anyone is aware of such crap going on raise the awareness and get it sorted well before any asHole gets the chance to do anything.

As the Guru's ladia faujan the nihangs i believe dealt severely with the masands. They did not have a "what have the nihangs got to do wid anything" attitude.

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Go into punjab's jails and see how many NIhang Singhs have been put into jail for killing b*stards like these kanjars - u can sit behind ure computer and be a soorma rindd a ding a ling singh but when you have to put ure balls on the line thats another matter all together. Som people take any excuse to cuss Nihang Singhs. I myself know loads of Nihang Singh who have seen bullsh*t like this going on and have gone in and given their lives been arrested and tortured.

Tyaar bar tyaar nihang singhs in india are always ready to give up thier lives for the panth and they still are and will continue to do so. People who have nothing better than to cuss these sorrmae can keep cussing them - koi naaah NINDO NINDO - MO KAU LOG NINDO.

Sharam kar yaar sharam kar - you wana see soormae see Baba Hari Singh Babae Bakale Vale, Baba Deep Singh Babae Bakale Vale who hunted down Phulaaa. You wanna see soormae go into budha dal and see Baba Maggar Singh Head Granthi of Budha dal who chatka'd a paathi who did beadbi of Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

It always a question fo where are the nihangs, where were the nihangs, why did nt the nihangs come? - U want nihangs to give their lives for the panth yet ure not prepared to give them any pyaar or shardaaaa - call them ladleeaaa fauja yet cuss them down - messed up man messd up!

U wana meet soormae meet Baba Anoop Singh Budha dal vale who killed 7 rapists who were gang raping a girl - and if you think these names are fake u can meet up with me and i can link u up with these soormae.

Sooraa so pehchaaneeai jo larrae deen ke het!!!!!!


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easy tiger!

caaaalm dooown dear, . . .it was ooonly a question

(u know, challenge everything and all dat... ??)

I was just looking for answer bruv, not looking to be attacked.

Anyway, which bit in particular of what I wrote was nindia?

. . .and let me know when we can link up the Tyaar bar tyaar nihang singhs, that would be cool - as long as you dont get to hysterical with me. :wink:

I agree there are many one man Faujan about, but I personally could be much more proud about the dal/dals for being a modern day army/policing force in terms of their reputation, unity, weapons arsenal and effectiveness . . . .or am I missing the purpose of what they are about?

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my take on it:

too many Gurdwaray.

less Gurdwaray = less of these malech ppl, but still the same number of sevaks who only have the interests of the sangat at heart.

ps ringadingaling - the nihangs have been sorting stuff out, they just don't make a big scene out of it

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Once again for some weird reason this has become a where are the nihangs thread,.

As Challenge made it quite clear, the thing about the nihangs is they have no intrest in promoting themselves on boards claiming to have done seva for the panth.

Check the names of the people who are standing up against Phoola so that he wil be tried in a court, you'll get your answer as to where the nihangs are..

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Lets lock this topic!

No one here will take the matter into their own hands. Those who would do that would be wise enough to not mention it over the net.

A lady with a child has been raped. That too in the precincts of guruji's darbar! It is sad that the one positive step she took (Which was getting away from her abusive husband) was recieved with a slap that won't leave her psyche for a lifetime. There are bigger issues at stake here. A woman has had a rough time at home, she goes to the guru's darbar for safety, she gets raped, then she has the courage to stand up against these brutes and the system supposedly fails her. Something is definitely wrong

The most productive thing that anyone can do is to find a picture of the rapists, send it around. If they ever come to a western country; approach them and show your utter disgust for their acts. 2 people in the past year have been kicked out of the gurdwara here for similar acts.

Lets leave it at that. (my personal opinion)

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  • 9 months later...

ITS not the first time nanaksar granthis have been involved in these kind of things.. check this: also posted in the general discussion area.



http://www.winnipegsun.com/News/Winnipeg/2...175445-sun.html link might not work. The story is outlines below:

A Winnipeg man whose complaints about sexual misconduct led to the arrest of three Sikh priests last month was allegedly molested for more than five years, between the ages of eight and 14.

As first reported in the Sun last week, three priests from the Gurdwara Nanaksar temple in St. Vital were arrested Dec. 23 amid allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct.

Police were initially tight-lipped about the details, but cops revealed yesterday all three priests -- men aged 37, 43, and 47 -- are facing charges of sexual assault, invitation to sexual touching, sexual interference and sexual exploitation. The 37- and 43-year-old men are each facing an additional charge of anal intercourse.

None of the allegations have been proven in court. Sheldon Pinx, the lawyer representing all three men, said last week that his clients maintain their innocence and deny all charges.

Const. Jacquie Chaput, a police spokeswoman, said yesterday the alleged abuses are said to have taken place between June 1990 and January 1996.

Police are only aware of one alleged victim, but Chaput said investigators would speak with additional complainants if any came forward.

She also said additional arrests may be pending. Police have previously said a fourth suspect was believed to be in Vancouver.

The charges of sexual assault, sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching and anal intercourse all carry maximum sentences of 10 years in prison upon conviction. Sexual exploitation -- defined as sexual touching or invitation by a person "in a position of trust or authority" -- carries a maximum five-year sentence.

The priests have been released from custody on promises to appear in court, which they are scheduled to do next month.

Their arrests have sparked shock among the Sikh community in Winnipeg and beyond. Some Sikhs have identified the Gurdwara Nanaksar temple as a member of a sect outside mainstream Sikhism. The temple is one of only 17 in the world affiliated with the Nanaksar Satsang Sabha organization.


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