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~~ Whats Your Ultimate Goal In Following Sikh Dharma ~~


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Most people have support of dharma/religion or represent sikhi for many reasons.


But whats the ultimate goal for people who are following Sikh dharma? And whats are hindrances one is facing?


People don't have to share them if they don't want too as i understand it could be quite personal for people.


I will start with mine-


Ultimate goal would be by guru kirpa- going back to our true nature/nij ghar/mool saroop (as gurbani call it), be one with ultimate truth/absolute reality without any pre-conditioning/pre-conceive notion/reservations.


I recently came to understanding, actually there can be no real hindrances (be all and end all)- be it maya in subtle form or outside force as such which can trumph one honest/genuine intentions to realize god/absolute reality/truth. Sure hindrances are there but hindrances are not forever, they do come and go.

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Sat Sri Akal Ji,

This is my first post.

For me my first goal is to get over homa, kaam, krodh, and mo. I am not greedy at all. I only pursue money for ghar ghristi.

Second goal is to be able to become an amritdhari without any hesitation and worry about my looks.

Finally, attain mukhti.

Bhul Chuk Maaf Karayo


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My ultimate goal is to make it to the highest stage after death.

This can be called the abode of sachkhand or basically where just the complete truth or SAT resides.

It's the place of complete immersion, where no identity of this imaginery self remains.

My current understanding at the moment is that, it is the abode or plane that is way above and past all other realms.

Some may want to have darshan of saints, bhagats, angels, gurus, jesus.....whoever on the other planes, but these are not what i think are extremely higher mukhti attainments, because identity can still remain and some levels of dualism may well be present, but they don't necessarily affect you like the dualism here in this world.

It's further than the descriptions of heavens, further than the courts of dharmraj, further than the places where your lekha and karma accounts are kept, further than any glorious descriptions.........you could perhaps call it the 'COMPLETE MERGE'

or The highest status of gurmukh.

I am also starting to believe more and more firmly, that bhagti MUST be done to bypass all the other heavens/planes/realms to get DIRECTLY to Ek Onkar Satguru

It's a long long way,because I have got to seriously work at and try experience 'jivan mukhti' whilst i breathe on this planet.

We just shouldn't waste any time !

(I even feel a little guilty just talking about it like a desire, because I should be doing some bhagti at this very moment in my own space :o:o )

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My biggest goal is to receive Prema Bhagti di daat from Guru Nanak and have the residence of lotus feet of Guru Nanak in my heart forever.

Most importantly want to receive blessing of Love from Guru Ji.

My biggest hindrances: lack of consistency/comittment, mind wavers too much, and many kukarms from previous and this life.

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I guess it is to try and actually find support in negotiating this stormy sea of life without being completely consumed by it.

Trying to maintain some integrity in a world that often appears to be full of illusions and lies.

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Sikhi is like a buoy. It can help prevent your ship crashing against the rocks.

And should you crash, it can also help you to recover in a way you probably wouldn't without its scaffolding.

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All the posters above have given beautifull answers...hats off to them....in some way or the other, they have expressed their love for Wahiguru, which in these times of Kalyug, in fact is a sign of grace from Him.

May He bless each one of them, to get their dreams and hopes fulfilled as soon as possible.

In my case, my goal is to hug Him and kiss Him, and hold Him so thightly in my arms, so that He may never ever leave me alone again...

Well dreams and hopes though elevated, are dreams yet..... but there is nothing to be lost by putting them forward...

Who knows?

He may grant them at any moment ...

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I can understand Harsharan ji.

I always remember my elders and others saying that you want to put your head at Guru Nanak ji's feet if you have darshan.

But I ALWAYS felt that I would want to just Hug him or better still, I imagined him (and still do), putting his arms out to hug me.

Even know when meditating and getting distracted with thoughts, I sometimes try and bring myself back by Imagining him standing in front of me with his arms out along with a warming smile.

Just the thought makes my heat thump !


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Well Lucky,

though what I previously stated, is a partial desire to be fulfilled, but in the very depth of my heart, I think I would ask Him to always make me be His lover, instead of becoming one with Him...there is some special "rus" in loving Him than becoming Him...though one day, when His mauj will be to stop running the creation, then all, shall merge in Him, then there is no choice....but as far as possible, I would prefer to be His lover and admire His beauty, and feed myself by having His Darshan ...

But then too, being a disciple, It is not wise to have any desire...it is better to leave it on Him...as He knows best, He is far far more wiser then we moorakh agyanis....

As it is said: If He has the power to give, naturally He has the power to know also...

Mai Bin Gur dekhe neend na aavai....hau golee jiu gol gumaee

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My objective in following sikhee is:

1º to become a good human being


2º to work it out(sikhee), and see Him eye to eye while living along with His Grace, which is possible thankfully through Gurmat alone.

Only once one sees Him in this way, then that means, one has reached that blessed stage, that one is surley going to merge in Him.

Then the individual soul, the individual tiny drop, is ready to merge and become one with Satnam Samundar.

After eons and eons away from Him, it is a matter of just a short time.... that much short ,as one´s life left on this earth.

Sat Sree Akal.

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That has nothing to do with Dharam.

ਖਾਲਿਸਤਾਨ ਜ਼ਿੰਦਾਬਾਦ | ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ | ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫਤਹਿ | |





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Yeah and you are an expert in this matter. Not seeing a specialist for your mental illness? I can tell.

Boy keeps forgetting to take his fraggle pills... lol

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I am going to write this for the first time here.my ultimate goal is quite difficult to express in words.but i'll try .so here i go:

I want to be there from where i am.i want to make full benefit of this life and want to get rid from this circle forever.i want to be in deep sleep where there is almighty..where i have not to feel like i am feeling right now.no more thirst,no more wishes,not desire to meet lord.i should be there,he should be there,no more thoughts,nothing..i really dont know what to write more.

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Guest Nobody

I don't exist so no goal. Ego creates goals but forgets it has no say in this eternal cycle of birth and death... Taking ownership of this mind and body is a burden and an illusion as everything is happening by itself.

No free will so ultimate goal for whom?

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