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Are ears ringing and Anhad Shabad the same thing?

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10 hours ago, Samarbir Singh said:


I had a question for the Gurmukhs who have been blessed by pita Ji to hear anhad shabads. Recently I watched a short film on 2 young boys and how they jap naam and begin to hear anhad shabads, after I watched I was happy and learned some new things. But at night I had a thought the sound that people describe anhad shabad as a sharp sound kind of like a frequency sound. And the thought I had was that I’ve been having my ears ring out of nowhere that sounds like a sharp sound. But I don’t know if this is the same as anhad shabad. Please let me know if ringing sounds in my ear which come out of nowhere, are shabads.




Bhul Chuk Maaf

Gurparsaad, Daas will pm you.



Bhul chuk maaf

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36 minutes ago, Lucky said:


The early sounds you hear are pavan shabads. . You still have a way to go before the real bhagtee begins and naam gets pargat.

It will be confusing a little this stage and it is only happening because you are going antarghat. . At this stage you can start practice going deep into saas saas. start with saas grass, get quieter as you settle...into saas saas( jap quietly with breath...keep going until settled enough to do saas saa but ALL the japna in silence with surti,. ie. breathe in-"wahe", breathe out "guru'... 'wahe-guru" done internally in complete silence with surti

Thank you so much Ji🙏🏽

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The links have been posted already but I would encourage everyone to join Bhai Simranjit Singh Tohanas telegram group. 2 live sessions a day, 14:30pm and 12:30 midnight. The katha is then recorded and uploaded to the group but the jugtian bhai saab explains and goes through with the sangat are not always uploaded so if you can, you really need to join the voice chat live especially the early morning one.

I would also join bhai Amril Singh Shahdihari groups on telegram. Again, plenty of live akath katha and q&a sessions.

Anhad shabads, sehaj dhun, amrit ras and other stages are all explained in detail.

Wjkk Wjkf

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11 hours ago, Samarbir Singh said:


kind of sounds like this but for me it’s way quieter.

(don’t mind the title)

Oh. I've been hearing that since I was a kid. I had no idea. It always felt like info being passed at a high rate of speed turning into a tone. Sometimes it feels like being syncronized. 

How does one progress into or past the initial tones?

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5 hours ago, GurjantGnostic said:

Oh. I've been hearing that since I was a kid. I had no idea. It always felt like info being passed at a high rate of speed turning into a tone. Sometimes it feels like being syncronized. 

How does one progress into or past the initial tones?

keep ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ji in mind, forget the rest.

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1 hour ago, GurbarAkaal said:

If one really is hearing anhad shabad NOT A CHANCE WILL THEY BE ON A PUBLIC FORUM 

After reading entire threads and profiles here over last 2 yrs, humbly daas would say most are hearing noises of body, others are victim of their own overthinking. Anhad shabad is most likely heard towards the end of one’s time on earth, one looses interest completely in life when these heavenly sounds are heard. Mind becomes paralysed because the beauty of those sounds is beyond all comprehension <img src=">

No one should loose faith in anyway. Now’s not your time to enjoy bliss it’s time to work hard and jaap naam. Do it with true love, emotion and feeling. For sure momentary glimpses (lasting minutes or hours) of anhad shabad may be heard by his kirpa and it should encourage us further inwards, but even this will leave one feeling withdrawn from external life for days to come.

All of you are on the right path, having found the true guru (shabad guru) after millions upon millions of lifetime of separation, pain and suffering. Now if with patience one attaches with the gur-shabad, from his side there will be no limit to his unconditional blessings. Each of us carry unlimited paap from previous lives, no of us are worthy. The best action from our side is to surrender all thinking and fall in love with the gur-shabad, leave the rest to him

GurbarAkal, You have given the 200% correct answer. Thanks for stepping in and setting this thread straight. 

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37 minutes ago, Sat1176 said:

That sound your hearing is called sehaj dhun. You can confirm that yourself when you speak one to one with any of the Gurmukhs who teach this path. I personally have so I confirm to you what I have been told. It is the start and as you focus on it you should notice it gets louder and louder. Sometimes it disappears and your left wondering where has it gone? Why has it gone? All you can do is revert back to Gurmantar and start again, trying to still the mind and relaxing in a more sehaj state whilst trying to remain relatively consciousness and aware (not easy). 

Now doing seva of listening to this sound is not easy either and other sounds may come along the way as you go deeper within and your mind becomes more still. Don't expect miracles just cos you hear this sehaj dhun because like others have said it's only the start. How long we stay at only this stage of sehaj dhun only Waheguru knows. Only thing you can do is keep practicing the Gurmantar jaap and when you hear the sehaj dhun also try focus on it slowly trying to climb to the next rung of the ladder. When the time is right Waheguru ji will progress you to the next stage. Don't get impatient or loose faith mate. 

Others will come on this topic to discourage you and that's their right to give you an alternative opinion. Your already doubting, lost and confused and I don't blame you. It's not an easy path, believe you me coz I been trying for years. Getting close to a gurmukh who will take you under their guidance is also not easy. Especially if you cannot go have regular sangat in their presence as most live in India. Online sessions help but it still leaves questions in your mind until you have a 1 to 1 with them and clear any doubts. But once you have asked and got your answer like I know you have, you got to take their word for it and then keep practicing. 

Just to give you some scale to the journey ahead lets say there is more stages to come and we are still on the first step so just be grateful you identified the ladder and slowly trying to climb up. Other are yet to even acknowledge the ladder may exist. Everyone is on their own journey and I hope everyone finds a ladder that works for them. 

1. Sehaj dhun

2. Shabad ghanayray (so loud you can hear them internally when at a party) 

3. Anhad shabad (panj Shabad) 

4. Naad (naam) - Sound of an aircraft

5. Internal amrit or amrit verkha from listening to naam. Stage 4.

6. Parkash internally and externally. 

I was listening to one katha last week and the gurmukh said stick with sehaj dhun until you get to stage 4. So if you hear any other sound remain focused the sehaj dhun anyway. Waiting for the naad is the next rung to switch to after sehaj dhun. Let other sounds pass you by. Just hearing the sounds is not enough, you also need to be in the right state of mind, and be listening to them at the right place heading upwards. Lots to learn... You've been given good advice by some in this thread. Suggest you take it if serious. If not then up to you.... 

Anyway good luck Bro. WaheGuru kirpa karan. 



Thank you bro🙏🏽

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