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Shastar Vidiya Site Updated... Massive!!!!

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I was reading threads on gursikhijeevan.com and came across one thread in which confu singh member has posted following information.

Taken From: http://www.gursikhijeevan.com/community/ph...587&t=1587:


Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh!

AKJ only started using this name in the late seventies after 1978 massacre at Amritsar. Before then they were called Bhai Randhir Singh Jatha.

Bhai Randhir Singh was originally, I believe a great friend of Teja Singh Bhasooria. He called him a Jewel of the Panth. However this Bhasooria, who was head of the Panch Khalsa Diwan had some strange believes:

1. Keski is a kakkaar not kes

2. All Bhagat bani should be removed from Guru Granth and so should Raag Mala

3. Nitnem bania - they reduced the Chaupai Sahib paat to 25 pauri's and wanted to go further and reduce them all Panj Nitnem bania to 5 pauri's each

He had Guru Granth Saruups prepared which had been 'butchered' - the Bhagat bani had been taken out and Raag Mala and sent these to Sangats around the world. Eventually a Hukamnama was issued by Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib making him Tankhahiya. It was then that Bhai Randhir Singh disassociated himself from him.

Bhai Randhir Singh kept some of those beliefs and added some more, primarily a physical technique for doing Naam Simran which they called Saas Giraas (name taken from Guru Granth Sahib ji). This involved saying Wahe when you breathe in and guru when you exhale.

Nowadays, it is said that this technique is gupt and that some AKJ Panj Piare tell Abhilakhi's (those wanting Amrit) that when they are to marry, that person must also take this Saas Girass technique from the Panj Piare even though they may have laready taken Amrit!

If there any inaccuracies in what I have said, please correct me.



Do we have picture of this Teja Singh bhausaria available online?

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Yeah! I understand we can zoom in but still you can compress if you want to... Last time web designers researched and they came to this conclusion that online visitor has 7 seconds of maximam patience to wait for the images to download...:)



And I've checked the text and its good information. :)

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Seven Seconds attention span of the average web reader !! If the long loading times do put off anyone with a 7 second attention span then that is no bad thing - If anyone genuinly wants to learn about something about the true diversity and richness of our faith and cannot contemplate this fro more than 7 seconds then they really should just give up.

That actually shouldnt surprise me given the quality of thought that some of the detractors to the informaton on the website.

I found a great deal of really fascinating material on the SV website - probably far too much for a web page - the authors of the site really should consider a proper academic publication


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Web is not just for sikhs but for everyone. Also, why do we need to climb on the hills when there is already way to cross it and see the another world. Also, I waited for images to load and chcked them all.:)

But still I will request that they should be compressed so others can take the benefit of this objective research.

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I was reading article on tapoban.org and came across this subjective article regarding meat. Now this discussion has one more arguement which I'm going to cut&paste below.

Do one thing for me now Giani ji, please take a look at the state of you teeth after eating all that meat. Dogs and wolves have teeth like that from mother nature, which can cut through raw flesh. First you must grow teeth like a wolf, then you can present a case to eat meat.

Upon hearing this, the Giani vanished quickly and the rest of the congregation began to disperse.

Taken From: http://www.tapoban.org/jhatka.htm

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Dogs and wolves have carniverous teeth since they eat nothing but meat - these teeth are sharp an pointy, hence ideal for tearing flesh. Vegetarian animals have herbivorous teeth which are ideal for grinding down non-meat foods such as grass and vegetables.

Humans are omnivorous. We have both carniverous and herbivorous teeth.

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Thats exactly what my muslim freind told me:

We have both carniverous and herbivorous teeth.

I told him eating meat or not eating meat is not a big deal in sikhi dharma. Its all comes down which one's beleif. As per sikhi perpective, it supports both veggie and non-veg but condemns vices, eating meat because of the taste, being like jains etc...so its up to individual who eat meats or veggie to where to draw line :D

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...right click aon ANY picture nd select the "zoom in" function

..you'll see why the pics take time to load...and why simple html and css arent used


I know about the "zoom in" function regarding flash.But in my opinion its just a gimmick.The picture goes fuzzy when you zoom in.

Concstructive criticism: There's too many pictures (even though I do like them) and get rid of flash.Also there's some English spelling and grammatical mistakes.

People won't have patience for each page.The pages are too cluttered with pictures I think.

Best of luck anyway.With 5/10 being average I would give 8/10 for info and 6/10 for general layout.

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