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~ Suraj Parkash Granth ~


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amardeep - there are plenty, however I'm sure you'll find that this fine chap will be making sure that those parts are adequately glossed over in his translation using the 'touchstone of Gurbani'.

In summary, the usual controversial items that crop up in all texts from the so-called 'Sanatan Sikh era', i.e. Bhang, Sharab, Devi Pooja, etc etc...however there are many other issues which are conveniently overlooked in most of these Granths by "scholars", "sampradhas" and "jathas" when its suits their own particular outlook...but that is another discussion for another time...

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What does suraj parkash actually mean.. coz im thinking its something like.. sun emergance(existance-light-something)

Niranjana,, there is nothing controversial about bhang... its green and natural.. like tea.. i wonder if bhangra is linked to bhang..

bhangram ? Ram on bhang.. Bhang on ram.. ? if you on bhang you become ram ? who knows... happy reading..

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Dynamic ji - I know you're only messing in your trademark style - which I love - but you've hit on a very interesting point - is 'Bhangra' derived from Bhang?

There are loads of theories which claim that bhangra is the dance of Lord Siva - the damru (drum) and the fact Shiv Ji is known as the Natraja - supreme dancer and the Shiv Tandav pose - arms raised and stood on one leg - the 'Classic' Bhangra pose - all this coupled with the use of bhang - the users of bhang being called bhaangrhris or bhangrachis are all given as evidence of Bhang being the root of Bhangra.

There is one theory - it could just be modern Indian revisionism

- which takes the phonology and etymology route - ( isn't that Javanmard's area of expertise - perhaps he could comment ?)

This theory claims the root of Bhangra is 'Bagha' - derived from 'Bagh' - tiger or panther -- as in the 'bagh nakha' weapon .

Bagha is a form of dance from West Punjab - where the dancers thump the ground with their feet - imitating the movements of a tiger.

In modern Bhangra there is move called the 'bagha' - jumping like a tiger.

The theory states that the word 'bagha' got changed from it's original 'Lehnda' dialect into 'Bhangra' by 'Majha' dialect speakers - a process known as 'intrusion' - anyone who knows Pakistani punjabi speakers will know their dialect is slightly different - as is that from Malwa , Doaba and 'Kandi' Punjab - One of the major reasons for the so called 'Bhapa'(from west punjab) vs east Punjabi rivalry can be said to be because of the dialect difference.

Anyway to cut a long story short - which theory do you think is most convincing ? - I like the idea of 'Bagha' - because it conjures up images of primeval dancers imitating animals around a fire - but hey thats just me !!!

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amardeep - no it does not categorically state that Ragmala is not Gurbani. This is what anti-ragmala propaganda lovers cite as yet another feather in their cap, however if they bothered to read what Bhai Sahib Kavi Santokh Ji has written, it is more to the effect that "I don't know weather this writing is the work of our Gurus or someone else" which is quite different to "this is not part of the Guru Granth Sahib" as the Bhasauria inspired anti-Ragmala supporters would have us believe.

Sooraj Prakash is a beautiful text, a Maha-Granth, and one which regardless of the views of the Kavi is a gem in Sikh literature.

Dynamic Banda - very good, just like Bhangra comes from Shiva, so too do Jatts from his Jatta (locks) which perhaps ties in with a lot of things we can discuss on all three subjects, but perhaps elsewhere...although I guess this assertion explains why Jatts are indeed in a class all by themselves...

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who cares, read the rest of sooraj prakash, an enjoy it...its wickked

or listen to the katha...there is a bunch done by gyani takhur singh on the internet (Nanak Prakash and also a bunch of Guru Gobind Singh Jee), as well as gyani jangbir singh (amazing katha about the jangs against paharhee rajae), and also some good ones done by baba hari singh

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Sooraj Parkash is pre-1900's and is therefore created by the british to divide the Sikhs who were absolutely innocent and helpless until the tyar-bar-tyar chardi-kala sarab-shaktimaan Sri-108 Gursikhs beamed down from planet Khalistorium to instill 'Gurmat' into the depleted field of Sikhi and used their laser guns to first support the British only because it was part of their master plan and they were awaiting the mothership to arrive.

All this is fact and is written in some granth my friend's uncle's brother's father's mother's sister has passed down in her family for millions of years but was just discovered yesterday.


Fateh Singh

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Well Bhai Amardeep Singh Ji,

He writes that Raagmala is not created by Guru and a Sikh later included it to let lines of Ragas be understod correctly.

But from his work it is clear that copy of this First Beerh was made After word by Bhai Bannu.From his work it is clear that Guru did not object the inclusion of Ragamal .Rather he calls that Sikh as Prabeen or qaulified.

Das only wrote what he read.Resst Sangat has to deicde.Das himself has studied and found that work of Alam is much more after First copy of Darbar Sahib and is differant from our Raagmala.

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amardeep wrote:

"if a great scholar of Sikhi does not know whether if it is Gurbani or not, it must mean that he himself doubted it.. "

If you don't know something, that does automatically mean you doubt its existence? I don't know rocket science, but that doesn't mean I doubt rockets?!! Also whilst Kavi Santokh Singh was a great scholar and poet that doesn't preclude him having his questions, this is what most good essays do - present a balanced side of the argument, Kavi Ji has simply indicated that having spoken to various people he doesn't know the final answer given at this time, certain agendas were on the go and the Ragmala controversy had begun.

Fateh Singh - fantastic, absolutely fantastic!!!

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You're a day late. She was ran out of town by a mob of angry japanese girly-men as of last night. There's also rumors that she dropped it in the toilet.

Controversies! Controversies! Now we're all doomed and will never reach Sachkhandorium which is the planet next to Khalistorium!

As for the laserguns, the Greeks took them away. There are lawsuits pending to get them back though. You can also file a petition on the internet by using your unverifiable, fabricated name. It will really help the cause!

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I know this is a few years late, but did anyone get access to this translation? Is it still about?

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